B.B. Palmer

fri 7pm irish bred pub
sat 11:30pm sneak & dawdle

B.B. Palmer was born originally as Bernard Palmer Breitung on the 20th day of April 1987. Risen from the ashes as the third incarnation of the Phoenix, Palmer help founded the Opelika based band B.B. Palmer in 2014.

Hailing originally from the west side of Mobile Bay in South Alabama, Palmer has been writing songs since he was 15. He has spread the sound far and wide with his band, traveling and playing the music all over the continental United States with acts the likes of Alan Jackson, Ted Nugent, St. Paul and The Broken Bones, Old Crowe Medicine Show, Wayne Hancock, Mike and The Moonpies, and more.

"One could argue that he may be the greatest song writer of the last 2,000 years, eclipsing giants such as Johann Sebastian Bach, George Gershwin, and Lennon/McCartney.." - Insane Guy at local gas Station 

The bands debut full length album "Lee County's Finest" was just released earlier this year in Febuary and these are what the critics are saying..

"The album is no 'one and done' listen kind of album. It is an intricate telling of struggle vs. triumph, good vs. evil, & lucid dreams vs. harsh political realities. In my opinion these are the primary themes of the record and they are intricately interwoven within 11 songs that flow together as one concept." - RICKY'S REVIEWS

"The music is comprised of classic honky tonk elements, with twanged, strummed and plucked guitars, weeping steel and a sweet fiddle scratch behind Palmer’s distinctive, idiosyncratic voice. Lee County’s Finest is somewhat of a trip, a listening experience from start to finish, with samples and ambiances linking the tracks in a continual sonic flow..

On repeated listens, the songs unfurl as the lyrics sink into your consciousness, suggesting questions as much as revealing answers. The depths of these songs seem to plunge further away as you become more familiar with them, until you are staring into the abyss of pain and struggle that is the human condition, wrestling with the facts of reincarnation, resurrection and Armageddon. As I said, this is existential honky tonk." Tony Sexton, Whiskey Preachin - Brighton UK

"Dirty-fingernails twang with feisty lead guitar indebted to Seattle and England as much as Nashville" -