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sat 11:30pm irish bred pub

Alabama bred, Tennessee fed, Jenna McClelland's original music is tasty to the ear, and her lyrics come straight from her diaries-- raw, emotional, and excruciatingly honest. 

Jenna's music career kicked off in 2013 when she and her brother started their first band, known today as Stone Broke Saints. The pair began writing their own original music and kicking down venue doors in East Tennessee. Jenna quickly found refuge in songwriting. Jenna attended her first Frank Brown International Songwriter's Festival in November of 2014, and has attended each year since. By 2016, Jenna felt the push to move to Nashville where she currently resides. 

Jenna has proudly released two solo records with her original music. Her debut record Lion Heart released in May of 2017, followed by the more recent release of her sophomore record Mess this past November. Jenna has nothing to hide, and wants to share her stories with the world through her music. Whether she sings you a lullaby or belts her soul mama war cries with her megaphone voice, you will be head over heels for this colorful lady and her story-telling songs. Look for Jenna this summer opening for Whisky Myers with her band Stone Broke Saints, and keep your eyes peeled for the release of new music!