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Mutt Cooper was born in Georgia and raised in Alabama, and has always lived on the line between the two. Mutt earned the nickname “Mutt” by having an older brother being named Jeff. (mutt & jeff) He began playing guitar at age ten. He played in bluegrass, country, and gospel bands throughout high school. 

Mutt started writing songs just prior to joining the Navy. Once out of the Navy, he started following and learning his songwriting craft from long-time family friend Rock Killough. Most of Mutt’s original music is written through personal experiences. In his music and songs you can hear a taste of homegrown, dirt road, southern fried, deep river blues and county influence. 

Mutt currently works veterans on a daily basis. Mutt uses music and songwriting to help these veterans express themselves in a positive, healthy manner. The process starts with journaling thoughts, then adding meter and rhyme, and finally a melody. Mutt has been a participant in Operation Song. Operation Song is based in Nashville, Tennessee. Operation Song brings Nashville songwriters, local songwriters, veterans, active duty and their families together to tell their stories through the process of songwriting.  

Mutt has performed across the country and around the world. He enjoys quieter, more intimate settings where the audience can listen and become part of a personal experience expressed in a song, but isn’t one to shy away from a crowd. 



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