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Richard Walter “Rick” Edwards was born in Columbus, Georgia, his family soon relocated across the Chattahoochee River to Phenix City, Alabama, where Rick had a hand in raising five younger brothers. Rick began writing poetry at a young age and after being influenced by the likes of Bob Dylan, Hank Williams, Sr. and Woody Guthrie began setting that poetry to music. Rick is a self taught musician, first learning guitar then harmonica and after a stint in the U.S. military service taught himself mandolin; developing a cross breed sound of traditional folk and Mediterranean melodies acquired during his military tour of the Greek islands. Combining his early influences with those of John Lennon and John Prine, Rick evolved a style very much his own and has entertained crowds from Boston to Austin with a repertoire of over 200 original songs.

Like many musicians, Rick combined music with a successful career in commercial construction management, constantly juggling and prioritizing his intense love of music and creativity with the necessity of holding down a day job. His formal education in music included a music scholarship to Chattahoochee Valley Community College while in his late thirties.
Rick’s dream has always been making music of the people and for the people; to realize this, Rick founded the Chattahoochee Folk Music Society in 1994, intent on returning to and nurturing the roots which run so deeply within him and to a great degree shaped his life’s philosophy. This led to a progression in music with the added influences of jazz and traditional delta blues. Rick now performs as a solo act and is also available for performances with a group he founded and named “Dillinghams”, which ranges from three to six pieces.

In 1995, Rick released a critically acclaimed CD/cassette tape entitled “Joint Effort” with his band “Dillinghams”. The response to this release has been so great that he has already re-ordered and is about to do so again. Rick’s first solo project, “Life Is Just A Song”, was released in August of 1999 and is currently in it’s fifth printing and can be previewed and purchased at www.cdbaby.com/edwardsr. Rick continues to perform his music in clubs, concert venues and at fairs and festivals.