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sat 8pm ma’fias

Sam Pointer is an award-winning Americana singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.  His music starts with deep acoustic folk roots from his native Alabama, then blends in dashes of rock, pop, island, bluegrass, Celtic, and more.   

Once, Sam tried climbing the corporate ladder, and found he much preferred playing music and traveling the world…sometimes even at the same time. A keen observer of this crazy human mess we live in, Sam writes songs ranging from poignant to bawdy to just plain good rockin’ fun.  And you’ll probably still be singing them on your way home.

On some songs, he uses innovative looping techniques to play rhythm and lead guitar, bass lines, and percussion all at once. Whether looping or not, you’ll be amazed at all the sound he can coax from a guitar! Depending on the show, he may also pull out a mandolin, banjo, bouzouki, or just about anything else with strings.

Sam has had the good fortunate to explore many areas over his 35-year music career.  

  • As a writer, he has won the songwriting contest at MerleFest, and had his songs recorded by Naked Blue, Radio Mosaic, Eric Beattie, and Snakes in the Grass. 

  • As a session musician, he has appeared on releases by Grammy winners The Temptations, Emmy winner Christopher Hedge, and many others. 

  • As an instrumentalist, he has won prizes on guitar and mandolin at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival.  

  • As a band member, he has toured nationwide as lead guitarist for the jam band New Potato Caboose and played with Alabama acts from Black Jacket Symphony to Rollin’ in the Hay. 

  • As a recording artist, Sam will have multiple album releases out this year: an original solo album, a live “Acoustic Christmas” band album, and a trio album to release in May with California singer/songwriters Eric Beattie & Marymoore Patterson.  

These days, Sam most frequently performs solo. If he’s playing in your town, don’t miss it!