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Ted McVay is still growing up in Alabama. As a teenager in the sixties, he sang harmonies to Dylan’s and Peter, Paul and Mary’s songs with ukulele-playing majorettes on high school band bus trips. In college and in the army, he continued to make friends with folks who played and sang until he found himself in a stranded-Garfunkel situation while stationed in Korea and bought a guitar. After that, there were long spells with harmonies sung only to lps and the radio and years without touching the guitar.  In 2012, after years of living among and observing human beings and of listening to their music, he suddenly discovered that his brain was home to many people who write and sing their own songs, each true to their own character and (sometimes) voice.

McVay began to perform his songs in 2015 at coffee houses, open mics, nursing homes, and songwriter rounds, and in 2017 he recorded and released his first album, Voices in My Head. His music is probably best classified as Americana, a canopy that covers many genres, as he tries to let each song stand on its own. Rarely consciously imitating the styles or themes of others, he is fully aware that there are unconscious influences from many years of hearing their music. His hope is that each song will find a few listeners who will let themselves be touched.